Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member

Temporary custody allows a person to act as the parent of a child who lives with him or her and his not his or her child. In order to petition for temporary custody, you must be an adult or emancipated minor and you must also be an extended family member or step-parent of the child for which you are requesting temporary custody over.

An extended family member is a relative of a minor child within the third degree by blood or marriage to the parent or the stepparent of a minor child if the stepparent is currently married to the parent of the child and is not a party in any civil or criminal case against the parent of the child.


Rudi Trader is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. He has practiced law as an attorney handling family law cases for over thirty years. His extensive experience in handling family law cases makes him uniquely qualified to act as a family law mediator and help the parties get their case resolved without the expense, aggravation and uncertainty of a contested trial or hearing. Rudi is available to mediate family law cases prior to the case being filed with the court or after the case has already been filed.


Juvenile Dependency

Juvenile dependency actions are filed when a parent has been accused of abuse, abandonment, or neglect of a minor child. Although dependency actions can be filed by certain individuals, they are usually filed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) of the State of Florida. If you have been accused of abusing, abandoning, or neglecting a minor child in a dependency action, call Trader Legal at (321) 723-6731 for aggressive, experienced, and competent representation.