Trust Administration

Durable Powers of Attorney

Under Florida law, any competent adult can create a written document known as a Durable Power of Attorney to assist in handling their property in the event he or she becomes incapacitated. Creating a Durable Power of Attorney can avoid the necessity of having to open a guardianship proceeding in court and the expense and aggravation of such a proceeding. A Durable Power of Attorney is especially valuable for paying your bills and protecting your assets upon incapacitation. A Durable Power of Attorney is no longer valid or enforceable upon your death.

Trader Legal offers a Healthcare and Estate Planning Package which includes the following estate planning documents: Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Designation of Healthcare Surrogate, Designation of Preneed Guardian, and Durable Power of Attorney. Give us a call today at (321) 723-6731 for package pricing and more information.