PaternityTimesharing (Custody)

A timesharing schedule is set forth in the parenting plan to provide for a specific schedule of time that the children will spend with each parent.  Typically the timesharing schedule specifically states which overnight periods will be spent with each parent and provides for specific times for exchanging the children.  The schedule also addresses the time that each parent will spend with the children on holidays and special occasions.  It is best for the parties, if they can agree, or the court, if the court decides the issues, to be very specific in the timesharing schedule in order to avoid disagreements and conflicts between the parents.  After a written parenting plan and timesharing schedule is established and ordered by the court, the parents can vary from the specific terms of the schedule if they are both in agreement, but when a dispute arises then the written timesharing schedule needs to be specific or it may not address the specific issue that is in dispute.