Designations of Healthcare Surrogate

Under Florida law, any competent adult may designate authority to a Health Care Surrogate to make all healthcare decisions during any period of incapacity. Under Florida law, designation of a Health Care Surrogate should be made through a written document and should be signed in the presence of two witnesses, at least one of whom is neither the spouse not a blood relative of the Designation of Healthcare Surrogate maker.

Upon incapacity of the Health Care Surrogates maker, the Health Care Surrogate has the duty to consult expeditiously with appropriate healthcare providers. The Health Care Surrogate must also provide informed consent and make only healthcare decisions for the maker, which he or she believes the maker would have made under the circumstances if the maker were capable of making such decisions. If there is no indication of what healthcare decisions the maker would have made under the circumstances, the Health Care Surrogate may consider the maker’s best interest in deciding on a course of treatment.

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